Because you're tired of waking up and thinking, “Why did I drink too much... again?” and then spending the rest of your day beating yourself up.

You have a love-hate relationship with alcohol. You’re fed up with the consequences, but are terrified of what it would mean to be someone who doesn’t drink.

You've tried a million ways to rein in your drinking, only to feel deprived, isolated, and worried that you might never figure this out.
Here’s what I believe
  •  THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE. You have to decide the relationship you want to have with alcohol. BUT in order to do that you first need to unwind all the BS that you’ve been programmed to believe about drinking and your ability to change. But in order to figure that out, you have to give your brain a break. 
  •  THE IDEA THAT THE WORLD IS DIVIDED INTO "NORMAL" DRINKERS AND ALCOHOLICS IS SIMPLY WRONG. The reality is that there are many different degrees of struggle and how you drink can change over time and in different situations (hence the unpredictable part). 
  •  LABELS ARE MISLEADING AND, FRANKLY, DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD. They focus on the person being the problem, when the real issue is that no one ever taught you the skills you need to understand how your brain works in the face of a concentrated reward like alcohol, how your thoughts create (and perpetuate) your desire, or how to manage urges or your emotions. 
I’m Rachel Hart, 
Certified Master Life Coach.
And I know first-hand what it’s like to obsess over the question, “Why can’t I drink like everyone else?” (I obsessed so much I eventually wrote a book all about it.)

From the outside it looked like I had it all together, yet inside I struggled with the fact that I couldn’t shut up the nagging voice inside of me that kept insisting something wasn’t right with my drinking.

I spent 15 years determined to figure out why this was such a struggle, until one day I realized I had been going about it all wrong. I kept turning a drink to take the edge off of how I was feeling because I had no idea how to do that on my own.  The best part: the thing that I was sure was the problem (my brain) turned out to be the solution. 

Now I help women who want to change their drinking so that they can feel happier and healthier. I show them the secret to relax, feel confident, and have more fun in life (seriously it’s true!) without a glass in their hand. 
It wasn’t until I combined my background in human rights and a framework of cognitive science (i.e., you can learn how to rewire your brain) with the real-world practicality of coaching tools that I figured out that the habit of overdrinking was actually my brain’s attempt to help me. 
That’s why I created Unwind, a self-study course that will walk you through the ins and outs of taking a month-long break from drinking so that you can finally understand what’s behind the habit and learn how to change your desire. (Because let’s face it, re-wiring your brain, creating new thought patterns, and mastering your emotions is pretty difficult if you’re constantly cleaning up from the night before.)
The bottom line: you don’t need to waste any more time wondering if you’ll ever figure out your drinking or why it's so hard to change. You can become someone who desires alcohol way less and isn't ruled by your urges.
so how does this work?
Every week you’ll focus on a new theme, and every day you’ll have a new exercise. 
(Yes, every day! Because if there’s one thing I know, if you want to change an unconscious habit you need to saturate the brain with awareness.)
Taking a break from drinking is hands down one of the most transformative things you can do. Too bad most people do it the wrong way: white-knuckling it with willpower. It’s no wonder that most people cross the finish line and can’t wait for their first drink. Instead of taking a break that backfires, I’ll show you how to prepare the right way.
Your break starts this week and you’re going to collect data. If you want to change an unconscious habit, you’ve got to be a detective. You’ll learn how to identify the exact thoughts that are creating your desire and telling you it’s okay to pick up the glass (how many times have you told yourself, one won’t hurt, only to end up regretting the night?)
Learning how to say no is not enough if you want to change the habit. You have to dive into your stories about alcohol. If you don’t get a handle on these thoughts, you’ll find yourself dodging questions and hiding out, and let’s face it, being physically healthy but isolated from friends is nobody’s idea of a good time. 
Has pouring a drink become your go-to way to take the edge off? Then you’re really going to love this week. Alcohol might be a quick and easy way to temporarily mask how you’re feeling, but it’s totally unsustainable in the long run. If you’re going to change the habit, you need to master an entirely new way of understanding your emotions. The good news: You’ll never be stuck feeling helpless in the face of stress, insecurity, or awkwardness.
Your brain has learned to outsource fun and enjoyment to a drink, so you’ll spend this week learning how to create new kinds of fun. Feeling healthy during a break is fine and good, but if you’re not enjoying yourself, what is the point? You’ll learn why your brain has been programmed to equate alcohol with a good time and how to stop consuming fun and start creating it. 
Taking a break from drinking opens up a lot of space in your life to consider what you really want. Honestly, if a glass of wine is the most exciting part of your day, it’s time to upgrade your life. I’ll show you how to do just that and decide the relationship you want to have with alcohol moving forward.
I’m still in disbelief over how much I have changed in such a short time. And I KNOW that I have the tools I need to continue to make changes that will serve me in my life. I had spent years hoping, praying and trying to make changes in my drinking, and I was in an overwhelming downward spiral of negative thinking that I didn’t even realize or see at work in my daily life. Down deep I believed that I wouldn’t or couldn’t ever really change. I thought that my history was evidence of that. So I’d say going from feeling rather hopeless to hopeful is nothing short of incredible. Not just hopeful – eager, confident and at ease and best of all FIERCE! – J.

Don’t take my word for it 
  •  You know how people get all preachy when it comes to booze? Well here’s what I think: drinking is not a vice, and abstaining isn’t a virtue. Alcohol is neutral (yes, you heard me right). What matters is whether or not you like the results you are getting from it. But in order to figure out that out, you have to give your brain a break. 
  •  My guess: you’ve got some shame and guilt wrapped up in the habit of drinking more than you want. There’s so much nonsense out there about drinking too much being a character defect. The truth is, your drinking doesn’t reveal anything about who you are as a person. It’s simply a habit no one has ever shown you how to manage. The real problem is that no one has explained to you how it was created or what’s still driving it.
  •  Changing your drinking is so much bigger than whether you say yes or no to a drink. For many people, it’s wrapped up in perfectionism, people pleasing, and not knowing how to cope with anxiety. If you don’t untangle this web, you can’t find a sustainable solution. That’s why “just say no” and willpower never work when you take a break.   

I am in such gratitude for your work and for the things you’ve taught me. Thank you for helping me LIVE and get the distraction of alcohol out of my life. -T.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm amazed at how different everything about drinking seems now, and how much easier it is not to. It’s just a huge transformation and one I frankly didn’t think was possible for me. -H.
I had been drinking more than I wanted for many years and even in the last few years, was a regular a member of the empty wine bottle club most evenings. I’d abstain for a while and then just slide back into the routine. I had not found anything to help me with a sustainable change and was wondering if I had a real “problem.” Rachel’s approach, tools and work has been H.U.G.E. in my life. It just clicked. I am so incredibly pleased to say that my years-long habit in the making has been undone in the course of a couple of months! -M.
This is exactly the approach I was looking for. It turned what felt like the most negative thing in my life into an opportunity for real, positive change. Thank you for sharing your work, it will save minds and bodies all over the world. -K.
I had been leading up to taking a break for quite some time now, but I was always overcome by thoughts of how impossible it would be, and would end up saying “Screw it - it’s not worth it!” All my past attempts felt like I was simply depriving myself dealing with strong urges and I was beginning to wonder if I truly was powerless over that glass? What a relief it was to KNOW that I have power over my CHOICE! Realizing that I created this habit and that I could also dismantle it was truly empowering! It’s possible! -L.
Learning how to change your desire for alcohol isn’t just the secret to changing the habit of drinking. It’s also the secret to discovering how to supervise your own mind and change anything you want in life.

In other words, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Once you learn these tools, you can apply them to every single area of your life. It’s why so many of the people I work with go on to use these exact same tools to solve their overeating, end procrastination, get in shape, save money, leave the dead-end job, and finally quiet all the negative self-talk that has been holding them back. 

  •  6 weeks of self-study materials (100+ pages of content)
  •  42 days of bite-sized lessons and exercises so you can start understanding how the habit works 
  •  Daily and weekly video check-ins to make sure you're on track
  •  8 weeks of twice weekly office-hours where you can ask me anything and get help completely anonymously 
  •  4 SOS exercises when you’re overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel
  •  Lifetime access to the course
  •  7 extra days of lessons and exercises to help you prepare for any holiday or celebration
  •  12 audio pep talks that you can listen to anywhere to help get you through difficult situations
  •  I Can't Stop Worrying
  •  I Don't Want to Go
  •  Things Are Too Hard Right Now
  •  I Deserve It
  •  One Won't Hurt
  •  Who Cares
  •  All My Friends Drink
  •  Change is Impossible
  •  I'm Stressed and Need Relief
  •  Maybe I'm Just Wired This Way
  •  Never Going to Figure This Out
  •  Shame Spiral
  •  14 hours of bonus webinars
  •  Workbook: How to Handle Questions About Not Drinking (30 pages)
  •  Workbook: How to Manage Your Mind in 7 Steps (10 pages)
  •  Cheatsheet: How to Order Zero-Proof Drinks that Don't Suck
Still not sure if UNWIND is right for you?
Unwind is NOT for you if...
  •  You believe you are powerless when it comes to the habit of drinking. 
  •  You’re looking for a quick fix instead of a deep understanding of why you created this habit. 
  •  You're afraid to dig deep and find out why you're really stuck.
  •  You can’t set aside at least 20 minutes each day to create lasting, transformative change in your life and aren't willing to see the program all the way through. 
  •  You're looking for live coaching from me (in that case you'll want to apply for for my In Pursuit program) 
  •  You want a a group program where you can interact with other students. This is a self-study course. You'll be able to ask me questions, but you won't be working in a group setting. 
  •  You are physically addicted to alcohol and become physically ill when you aren’t drinking, or suffer intense withdrawal symptoms. 
Unwind IS for you if...
  •  You’re sick of the love-hate relationship you have with drinking and want to feel great when you wake up each day. 
  •  You’ve tried everything you can think of to change your drinking, but nothing seems to stick. 
  •  You're ready to take a break, but are worried about how you’re going to take the edge off at the end of the day.
  •  You feel deprived or restricted by just the idea of not drinking and find yourself immediately wanting to rebel. 
  •  You crave a life where the most exciting part isn’t what you’re going to drink tonight. 
  •  You notice that your desire for “more” doesn’t stop with drinking, but also crops up with food, Netflix, smoking, or shopping. 
  •  You know you don’t “need” to drink and can go a couple days without alcohol, but when you don’t drink you always end up feeling like you’re missing out. 
  •  Understanding how to supervise your brain and the habit cycle.
  •  Mastery over your urges.
  •  Increased mental clarity, energy, and productivity.
  •  More peace and calm.
  •  Sustainable healthy results.
  •  Worry and regret over your drinking.
  •  The incessant chatter of your self-critic beating you up.
  •  The need to escape how you feel with alcohol, food, or really anything.
  •  Fear about your desire to drink and what it might mean about you.
  •  Feelings of failure and shame about your drinking.
What if I’m already on a break from drinking?
First things first, congratulations! Using the tools in Unwind during an existing break supercharges your results by giving you the tools to dive deeper into what’s driving the habit. Plus, you’ll be able to use the Week 1 module to create a rock-solid foundation for your motivation. 
I’ve taken breaks before, but I picked up right where I left off. Why would this time be any different?
This happens for one simple reason: you temporarily interrupted the action (i.e., you said no to a drink) but you didn’t change the thoughts and feelings driving the habit. Unwind will show you how to go deeper than just saying no and fully unwind the habit cycle. 
What if I don't want to stop drinking forever?
Here’s the good news: you’re not signing up for a lifelong commitment. Think of this as an experiment to really dig deep into what’s driving your decision to drink. Alcohol’s not going anywhere, and you can always reintroduce it after the break is over. 
I'm just not sure this is the right time to start, there's so much going on.
Waiting for the "right" time is your brain's way of hitting the delay button and avoiding the discomfort of change. The problem is your brain will keep you waiting forever. Taking a break when your brain is sure it won't work is exactly how you learn to change the habit.
No, but seriously, I’ve got a wedding coming up. Is now really a good time to start? 
Yes! This is the perfect moment to teach your brain something new and cut through the mental BS about the appearance of some magical "perfect" time when you won'g have anything going on (HINT: It doesn't exist). But even if you don't believe me, once you invest in Unwind you can start at any time (and repeat as many times as you would like). 
Can I use this work to stop overeating? 
Yes you can, and that’s what I love about these tools. Once you know how to change your desire in one area, you will have the framework you need to change it in others as well. Even better, so often people stop drinking and immediately substitute food in its place. Unwind will help make sure you avoid that trap. 
Are you ready to radically change your relationship to alcohol by understanding how you form habits and learning to retrain 
your brain?
Your investment for lifetime access?
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