Do you want to change your relationship to alcohol?
Uncover what’s really behind your desire to drink
and learn why you keep reaching for more.
Discover how mindfulness can change your drinking
Learn how to tune into what’s happening in your body and your mind when you imbibe.
An Interactive Workbook
Over 20 pages of exercises to help you learn what’s really behind your desire to drink. 
A Guided Meditation
Untangle the unconscious nature of habits and why the pull to drink can feel so strong.
Mindfulness slows down the habit.
Practicing how to be fully attentive to your drinking can help you sort out the beliefs and assumptions you have about alcohol and what it means to drink. It can also show you how your brain is used to responding to a concentrated, intense reward. Being mindful brings attention and awareness to a habit that is otherwise fast and unconscious. 

If you want to change your relationship to alcohol, the answer is not to become an expert at counting drinks, but to understand what’s fueling your desire in the first place.

Hi, I’m Rachel. 

I coach women who want to change their drinking so that they can feel happier and healthier. If you’re tired of the repercussions from having one too many and frustrated that your past attempts haven’t worked, this is the place is for you. 

You’ll learn the secret to relax, feel confident, and have MORE fun in life, without a glass in your hand. My approach is different from everything you’ve heard about why people drink too much or find it difficult to change the habit. No labels. No powerlessness. No one-size-fits-all solutions. 

There is a different way. Let me show you.

This workbook will help you re-train your brain and understand why you’re sometimes drawn to drink more than you would like. 
See for yourself how The Mindful Drink can help you change the habit.
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